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Damien Brown Medal


After every Mariners A-League match MOFCC members are asked to vote for their “Player of the Match” by email. At the conclusion of the season the player with most votes is presented with a special medal.

In 2012 the MOFCC Management Committee suggested that the Medal be named after a local Central Coast football identity and members were asked to nominate such a person and vote accordingly. At a general meeting held on Friday 24 August it was announced that the medal would be named the Men Of Football Damien Brown Medal.

About Damien Brown

Damien is a true local boy who played all his younger days representing Central Coast and, apart from a brief spell at Newcastle, his senior career has been with the former Central Coast Coasties and The Mariners. He was the first ever Mariners player signed and is still involved with local football through his present position with the International Football School. He is an ornament to the game on the Coast, well respected by all in the football community and beyond, and is a worthy recipient of this honour.

To contact us about, or vote for, the Damien Brown Medal please use this form.

The Winners

Anthony Caceres

2013 Damien Brown Medal Winner - Michael McGlinchey - 243x198.jpg

2012-13 Damien Brown Medal winner, Michael McGlinchey, with Damien Brown & David Harris (MOFCC President).

Michael McGlinchey

2014 Damien Brown Medal Winner - Nick Montgomery - 243x198.jpg

2013-14 Damien Brown Medal winner, Nick Montgomery, with Damien Brown& David Harris (MOFCC President).

Nick Montgomery

2015 Damien Brown Medal Winner - Anthony Caceras - 243x198.jpg

2014-15 Damien Brown Medal winner, Anthony Caceres with Damien Brown& David Harris (MOFCC President).

Nick Montgomery

2016 Damien Brown Medal Winner Nick Montgomery Monty - 243x198.jpg

2015-16 Damien Brown Medal winner, Nick Montgomery, with Damien Brown & David Harris (MOFCC President)

Paul Izzo

2016-17 Damien Brown Medal winner, Paul Izzo, with Damien Brown & Mick Morley (MOFCC Vice President)

Daniel De Silva


2017-18 Damien Brown Medal winner, Daniel De Silva, with Damien Brown & Phil McNab (MOFCC committee member)

Matthew Millar

2019 Damien Brown Medal Winner Matt Millar - 243x198.jpg

2018/19 Damien Brown winner, Matthew Millar




NAME                              POINTS
Joshua Nisbet 17
Gianni Stensness 13
Jack Clisby 7
Kim Eun-Sun 7
Ziggy Gordon 6
Mark Birighitti 4
Michael McGlinchy 4
Jordan Murray 2














NAME                           POINTS
Mark Birighitti 239
Ziggy Gordon 227
Tommy Oar 164
Milan Duric 152
KIm Eun-Sun 136
Daniel Da Silva 89
Joshua Nisbet 82
Samuel Silvera 81
Gianni Stensness 77
Jordan Murray 59
Lewis Miller 53
Kyle Rowles 50
Matt Simon 31
Jack Clisby 28
Michael McGlinchy 28
Ruon Tonyik 27
Jacob Melling 12
Dylan Fox  8
Abraham Majok 6
Jair  4
Mario Shabow 3









About Men Of Football

Men of Football is a not for profit organisation which seeks to assist football participants in times of need.
At this early stage of our development as an organisation, we have some simple aims and objectives. They include:

  • Assisting past football participants who may have fallen on hard times
  • Providing support and assistance to the families of past and present football participants who have passed on or need their support
  • Assisting current football participants to realise their potential and participation in the game

Our assistance is not solely for players but for any participant in football.
We recognise that our mission will encourage and enable former participants to meet again in social and sporting contexts, connect and contribute to the game and raise funds for those in the football community in need of a helping hand.
Will you walk with us so we will never walk alone?
Become a member and join a chapter, or even start a chapter in your area.

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